Pashoshi Keep Your Baby  Dry In Style

At Pashoshi we specialize in taking care of your baby’s lifestyle. All babies drool, and a wet baby is not a happy baby! As a parent or caregiver, you want your baby to be comfortable and dry. Take comfort in knowing that with Pashoshi you will always get more, and we take pride in ensuring that your baby is comfortable, dry and stylish.

Our drool bibs and baby bandana bibs will provide the dry. comfortable feeling all babies long for. Pashoshi baby bandana bibs have an 100% soft organic cotton upper layer, backed by an absorbent super soft fleece under layer. Pashoshi baby bandana bibs sizes range from 3-24 mo. All of our baby bibs have 3-snap adjustable fastenings.

However, one bandana is never enough! Keeping this in mind, we have several baby bandana drool bibs and bandana bibs to choose from. These baby bandana bibs are all supplied in unique gift sets. Each purchase consists of four different stylish bandana bibs, adecorative pacifier clip, as well as a bottle and toy holder. Order online now via our website, or on Amazon.

The Pashoshi experience awaits you!


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