10 Tips For Parents With a Drooling Baby

Drooling, together with crankiness or irritability, tears, chewing on objects and soft or sore gums are linked to teething in babies of around 6 to 8 months old. However, some babies begin drooling as early as 3 months. Although drooling in your baby is normal.

10 tips for you and your drooling baby

These tip will help you manage the condition.
1. Changing Sleeping Position If your baby drools while sleeping, it can help to change its sleeping position. Laying the baby on its back is a perfect way of preventing it from drooling when sleeping

2. Workout the Baby’s Face Helping your baby learn facial exercises, like moving its jaw up and down, can help reduce the intensity of drooling in your young one.

3. Use a baby Bandana Bib You can use a baby bandana drool bib to help wipe away drool from your baby’s chin by parting or blotting the bib. You must never wipe the baby’s chin to stop them from sucking their saliva.3 snaps bandana bibs

4. Apply Some Baby Jelly You can keep drool away from your baby’s chin by applying some jelly on it. In addition to stopping your baby’s skin from irritating, the jelly acts as a barrier for keeping the drool away.

5. Give the Baby a Chewy or Teether You can soothe your baby’s gums by giving him/her a chewy or teether to chew. This is a perfect way of stopping drooling temporarily.

6. Toothbrush Massage You can use an electric toothbrush to massage the toddler’s gums two times in a day. This improves the baby’s mouth sensitivity, making him/her aware of what is happening (drooling). As a result, the baby also learns how to swallow the drool before it flows out of the mouth.

7. Use a Straw Instead of using a sippy cup, let your baby use a straw cup that is spill-proof. With a stronger tongue, your baby can easily swallow the drool.

8. Blow Your Baby’s Face Gently Although this tip barely works, you can blow your baby’s face to stop drooling by distracting the baby from focusing on it.

9. Stop Using the Pacifier If your baby uses a pacifier, take it away or reduce the number of times your baby uses it to help lower drooling.

10. Teach the Toddler The best way to stop drooling is teaching your baby how to wipe away the drool using a baby bandana bib, or swallow it before it flows out of the mouth.

Use this tips to manage yor baby drool, and remember all babies are drooler, some more and some less.

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