Why Pashoshi baby bandana bibs?

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Your little bundle of joy deserves nothing less than the best in quality, reliability and style.
At Pashoshi, we make sure that baby gets only high quality products.

Our own babies, when they were newly born, gave us the idea and inspiration to create a line of high quality products not just for them, but also for other babies who also deserve also the best. The drool is lovable and normal but it can be quite

uncomfy for baby. It is a sign of teething and growing and is so often accompanied by irritability, crankiness,and tears. No problem! Use our baby Bandana Drool Bibs to wipe away drool from his chin by parting or blotting the bib.

At Pasoshi, your baby will remain dry and comfortable, stylish and therefore happy. At Pasoshi, we guarantee that our Baby Bandana Bibs, like all our other products, will give you 100% satisfaction or your money back.

The Pasoshi Baby Bandana Bibs has an upper layer that is made of 100% soft organic cotton which is backed by a super absorbent, super soft fleece under-layer. We have sizes available for 3 months to up to 24 months plus they come with 3-snap

adjustable fastenings. Baby Bandana Bibs from Pasoshi are all supplied in unique gift sets consisting of 4 stylish bandana bibs, with a matching decorative pacifier clip, a stylish water bottle and toy holder. Give your little beautiful bundle of joy a stylish Pasoshi experience by connecting with us via our website or by ordering on Amazon. So come now, give baby the baby shower of love that he deserves for being the most beautiful baby in the world!

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