Pashoshi Baby Bandana Bibs For Girls

$28.87 $19.95

Baby Girl Bandana Bibs


Parents, are you tired of:


Dealing with wet and dirty baby clothes and doing laundry all day?

The weak velcro that your baby can pull off at anytime?

Bibs that are so stiff and that don’t lie flat on your baby’s chest?

Buying cute outfits and having to cover them with ugly teething bibs?

Bibs that aren’t absorbent?

Want to buy a modern baby drooling bib but the price is not affordable?


If you found yourself saying yes to any of those questions, you will be happy to hear the next few facts about Pashoshi baby bandana bibs.


Pashoshi Baby bandana drool Bibs for girls:


With Pashoshi you always get the best value for money!


✔ Best Baby Gift Set – 4 stylish cute baby bibs, also included is a  Baby Girl Headband!

✔ Super Absorbent bandana Drool Bibs – Stop changing your baby’s clothes 3-4 times a day.

✔ 3 Adjustable Snaps (Nickel-Free)– Now also newborns can wear cool bandana bibs. Your baby won’t be able to pull these bibs off!

✔ Machine Washable Hassle – Our drool bibs retain their shape and continue to look good long after purchase.

✔ Stylish And Dry – Our bibs are an accessory that will make any outfit look cute and fashionable. They are really awesome!

✔ 90 Days full refund Guarantee – We guarantee you will love our drool bibs, and if for whatever reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, return it within 90 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


Hit “Add to Cart” at the Top of the Page, let your baby join the style and dry club.

It’s worth a try to stay dry:)

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