Why Bandana Bibs Will Change your Life

Your baby best bandana bibs

You want the best for your baby, We want to show you that bandana bibs are the best bibs for your baby.

Is your wallet emptying from having to constantly purchase new bibs for your baby?

Are you sick and tired of your baby’s bibs falling apart after a few cycles in the wash?

Does your baby suffer from a drool rash?

Are you upset of having to dress your baby in ugly, cheap-looking bibs?

Would you like to save money in the long run?


If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, then you AND your baby will be the perfect candidates for the Pashoshi bandana bib. You may be wondering why the revolutionary bandana bibs are superior to traditional baby bibs, and I will tell you!

-Bandana bibs are versatile. Each set comes with 4 different bandana bibs. All of our bandana bibs are unisex, and each are patterned.

-Baby bandana bibs are made of quality material. Our bibs are made from 100% super soft organic cotton. The bandana bibs consist of two layers, the top layer is composed of the organic

cotton, and the bottom layer is an ultra-absorbent polyester fleece. Unlike typical baby bibs made out of cheap plastic, these dual-layered bibs will keep your baby dry.

-Bandana bibs are hassle-free. As an owner of traditional baby bibs, you have experienced bibs deteriorating after a few washes. It is frustrating having to continuously scramble to purchase new bibs. With bandana bibs, they will consistently maintain their shape, color, and texture. Washing them in hot water works best, and machine drying is okay.

-Bandana bibs are long-lasting. Babies grow quickly, but with these bandana bibs that is not an issue. Each bandana bib comes with three nickel-free adjustable snaps. These snaps are designed for your baby’s comfort, and for your peace of mind. Typical baby bibs do not have these snaps to allow your growing child a comfortable bib. You will no longer have to stress, worry, and spend additional money on traditional baby bibs.

-Bandana bibs prevent drool rash. These bandana bibs are specially designed with a recessed reservoir to collect your baby’s drool. Unlike traditional baby bibs, which are flat, this functional design will help to prevent drool from collecting on your child’s face. All parents dread the terrible “drool rash,” but with the shape of bandana bibs, this is not an issue.

-Bandana bibs are comfortable. Traditional baby bibs that are made out of plastic often result in your baby’s drool soaking through the bib and onto their clothing. These will leave your baby wet and uncomfortable. Additionally, normal baby bibs lie flat, and will ride up on your baby’s face. This discomfort will encourage your baby to tug and remove their bib. With bandana bibs, the reservoir shape, and unique dual-layered design will maintain your baby’s comfort and

-Bandana bibs are fashionable. Traditional baby bibs are dull, boring, and mask your child’s cute outfit. However, with the bandana bib, the bib can be seen as a fashion statement, like a scarf. The bibs come in several different patterns, giving you a wide variety of fashionable bibs to match to your baby’s outfit.

Shop now for our bandana bibs set and be a part of pashoshi family

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