Why using baby bandana bibs?

As a caregiver, it is crucial to protect your little one from harm’s way, no matter how big or small the task. On average, babies drool until the end stages of teething. Excessive drooling can cause skin irritation. Additionally, this skin irritation can cause more discomfort by making it difficult for babies to enjoy certain foods that may cause additional irritation to the skin. However, there is a solution to this problem. Pashoshi baby introduces the revolutionary baby bandana bibs. These bandana drool bibs are specially designed for your child’s comfort andstyle!

There are no other baby bibs like the baby bandana bibs! The bandana drool bibs come in a wide variety of colorful, patterned styles for both boys and girls. These baby bandana bibs accessorize your baby’s outfit instead of hiding it like an ordinary bib would. Each set comes with four unique baby bibs, making the perfect practical shower gift set! Not only will your baby be staying dry, but they will be looking cute and fashionable as well!
baby bandana bib

Our bibs are totally trendy, and our designs are handpicked. It is almost like dressing your child in a scarf- except these bibdanas serve their functional purpose. Pashoshi baby bandana bibs maximize your baby’s comfort and protection from excess drool in their specially-made design. The bandana drool bibs are made from an 100% soft organic cotton upper layer, and backed by an absorbent super soft fleece under layer. The ultra-absorbent fleece under layer will keep your baby dry for longer, unlike traditional bibs made out of flimsy plastic.
Additionally, these bandana drool bibs containa reservoir that serves to collect your baby’s drool-a bib like no other! They are also not bulky like the average bib, but rather they are sleek-and chic! With this comfortable, soft, dual-layered bib, your baby will not be trying to pull it off.

During a child’s first 2 years of life, a parent spends an average of $12,500 on one baby. Baby bandana bibs are sold from sizes 3-24 months, and they are created with 3 convenient, adjustable straps that will reduce the struggle of dealing with outgrowth.
These 3 snaps will prevent your baby from pulling their bib off as well. Washing the bandana drool bibs is not an issue either! These baby bibs are hassle-free washing, and they retain their shape, color, and material. Because nickel-free snaps are used instead of Velcro, your baby’s bibs will not get caught in the washing machine or dryer. Ironing these bandana drool bibs will do no harm.

Stop going through bibs like underwear! Rather than spending more money on additional bibs, the durable bandana drool bibs are all your child needs! At Pashoshi baby, we care about our client’s wants and needs.baby bandana bib
Our prices are for your satisfaction. If you are not 100 % satisfied with your bandana drool bibs, you can return them to receive a full refund.

What are you waiting for?! Style starts here. Order online at Amazon or pashoshi.com

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